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California Election: February 5, 2008

My ballot picks and reasoning thereof for the February 5, 2008 election in California:

Democratic President: John Edwards or Barack Obama
Republican President: You must be joking
Prop 91: No
Prop 92: No
Prop 93: No
Prop 94: Yes
Prop 95: Yes
Prop 96: Yes
Prop 97: Yes

The Stupid Party
Laura Morefield has a good writeup of her choices.


Hi Dimmmmer

3 things...

First off, OBAMA in 08!! w00t!

Second, I'm interested in why you gave 92 a No??

Community colleges are severely under-funded, and most of the population attend these institutions. I thought the ballot was intended to secure funds for the CCs, which will reduce tuition and make it more affordable for people to attend. Subsequently, we'd have a more educated & a more capable workforce for CA businesses. My opinion would be a Yes to 92, but let me know if I'm missing something.

Third...I'm still undecided on 94-97. This is a tough one, but i'm leaning towards a no...
The issue I have, is that while these tribes would be allowed to expand & bring in lots of ca$h-money for themselves & the state, from what i've read, there are no mandated increaes in the amount of profits being shared w/ non-gaming tribes. The non-gaming tribes are smaller & incapable of competing with the large casinos. As history has shown, non-gaming tribes end up getting screwed further by the U.S. gov....They shouldn't have to be forced into having casinos in order to stay living on their reservations.

I need to reviw it though, fill me in on what you know!

Gracias for sharing & having this space to ramble back!

I must have gotten the draft of the voter guide, cause I don't recognize 91-93 and "there were not rebuttals against" the other 4. I checked them out online though, and I agree with you on 94-97, mathematically it makes sense. I'm with you on 92 and 93, and I'm just going to abstain on 91 since counting my vote is just more of a waste of resources that it took to put this prop on the ballot.


No love for Ron Paul? Just kidding...

Hey Big Boss,
Going to vote in about half an hour so you have a chance to stop me if you have any disagreements. Voting NO on all the PROPS and down with Obama.
91- don't really care but why reduce public transit for more gas chugging freeways
92- def no, it takes away $bling$ from k-12 so dipshits at moorpark pay less tuition, no fucking thanks, ya lets make kids dumber younger so when they grow up they pay less for a shitty education
93-my ADD really kicked in with this one, sure it reduces time allowable for legislative service, but INCREASES, i think someone fucking forget to write INCREASES time in either house to 4-6 years depending on which house you wanna jerk off in, strange that they left that out because they know most voters wouldn't look it up or question it because in our happy little ballot it says it only says reduces state leg service, so every joe smoe is blinded in thinking it only does that... first thats shady, second it helps no one but politicians, i like shady but i hate politicians more
94-97- took me awhile to get the gist with this one with all the firefighters, ahnold, and tontos saying yes no maybe so, but pretty much it gives special blow job service to 4 major indian casinos and fucks all the rest just so our state gets some extra cash on the side, if i knew where the money was going to they maybe i would vote yes, but since teachers are against it its sure as fuck not going to schools, maybe ahnolds gym or mah-re-ahs face, in any case sounds like business favoritism, sorta like the same kinda favoritism Bush jr gave to certain defense contractors and oil corps, no thanks, unless they buy me out

and O-Bam for sure
but if it ends up being Billiary then i'm gonna lean on McCains none jumpin jack ass, just b/c I feel kinda sorta obligated b/c his aides kinda sorta helped me out way before any of our Hoey senators did