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  1. Google Pubsub Reliability

    Tue 22 September 2015
    Google Cloud Platform

    When you outsource a component of your architecture to a cloud company you are consciously making a trade-off: You often get a cheap(er) (hopefully better, faster) service but you yield control to the service provider. This trade-off just became personal with Google Pub/Sub.

    We've been using Google ...

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  2. Docker Layer Corrupt, What Do?

    Mon 21 September 2015
    docker logo

    Update 2015-11-10: In the docker registry v2 API (now supported by Google Container Registry) an image digest is checked for each layer. So in theory this problem should no longer be possible.

    Attempting a docker deployment, the deploy failed on the target system when docker pull resulted in one layer ...

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  3. How Does a Staunch Atheist Turn Catholic?

    Sun 31 March 2013

    Updated: 2013-06-29

    Leah Libresco is a fairly well-known blogger and self-identified geek, and the reason I'm paying attention is because she was an outspoken Atheist discussing religion, and now she's an outspoken Catholic discussing religion.

    Why do I care about what a complete stranger does? I identify with ...

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  4. November 6, 2012 California Proposition Voting Guide

    Thu 01 November 2012

    Mailing in a Ballot

    If you are a mail voter, the rule is that your ballot has to be received on or before election day. Postmarks do not count. This effectively means do not mail your ballot any later than Saturday from within San Diego. If you still have your ...

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  5. Why We Should Vote Obama, Again

    Mon 29 October 2012

    So Obama's Presidency thus far has been less substantive than the "Hope and Change" that we had been promised. Why am I voting for him, again?

    Well, the GOP made the choice easy. "Not the Republican" is the obvious choice, again.

    Republicans Wrecked the Economy

    W says: Thanks for Blaming the Black Guy

    Under George W Bush ...

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  6. A Review of Dwolla

    Thu 06 September 2012

    What is Dwolla

    Dwolla is a new payment network. From the user perspective it's kind of like Paypal except they intentionally don't support credit cards - only direct bank to bank transfers like ACH. But ACH is slow and sometimes ineffective (ACH accounts can be overdrawn). According to some ...

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  7. Why We Need Surcharges on Credit Card Transactions

    Wed 15 August 2012

    I've learned about credit cards recently and I've found something disturbing. gasp Credit card companies are taking advantage of people! But seriously, we can help stop it.

    Visa and Mastercard recently settled a lawsuit; now merchants are allowed to surcharge credit card paying customers. Before they were not ...

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