Why is it that Obama’s latest “black eye”, the SEC Inspector General’s cleanup of employees surfing porn (aka “redtube gate”) has gotten so much more press coverage than when Bush Administration Department of Interior employees were caught having sex with, doing cocaine with, and accepting money from oil industry lobbyists[1]?

And the latest headlines to come from this were largely akin to “Nobody at SEC fired for surfing porn”, despite the fact that 5 contractors were fired, 8 employees resigned, 6 employees were suspended, 5 employees were formally reprimanded, and 6 were warned.

Further, do we know how long these people have worked at the SEC? Because it would make perfect sense if they surfed porn through the Bush Administration. After all, under Bush it was their job to look the other way while Wall Street abused its power. Is this another example of Obama cleaning up after Bush and ending up with shit on his hands?



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