It’s a critical time to stand up for government and corporate accountability. The latest bit of responsibility the Bush Administration is trying to dodge is enforcing rule of law regarding citizen privacy. If the Bush Administration is able to cover their corporate sponsor’s backsides by granting telecom corporations immunity, people will never be able to find out if they are being illegally wiretapped.

Lawsuits against telecomm corporations have a few very important purposes:

  • They punish telecoms for breaking the law and abdicating responsibility to privacy for their constomers (almost every American)
  • The above deters telecommunications corporations for repeating such unethical behavior
  • Perhaps most importantly, lawsuits are the only way we are going to learn what laws were broken and how many people were illegally spied on. According to some estimates it’s millions of people, not the 10 people who called Al Qaeaa, as the Bush Administration lies.

Senators Dodd and Feingold are going to try to fillibuster this bill, and it seems to be the only hope we have of stopping this unethical bill from passing. Tell your senators to vote against telecomm immunity and to support the fillibuster.

So call your senators now! Use this link and change the state= parameter for your state:


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