El Yucateco.jpgFor lovers of spice, I highly recommend picking up some El Yucateco. I wouldn’t call myself a spice master, but I like a high dosage of spice in a lot of my food. Like most spice lovers, sauces and dishes which are typically advertised as “spicy” are usually nowhere close. So I made fajitas for lunch today and put a generous helping of El Yucateco on my portion because since when was anything actually spicy as advertised? My normal stoic self was reaching for the fire-dousing milk after the first fajita. It’s been about 20 minutes now, and the front of my face feels like there was recently a small fire on it.
El Yucateco - chiles habaneros.jpg
You probably can’t read this, but the first ingredient is chiles habaneros.
The second ingredient is agua, I think mainly as a joke.


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