I’m posting this information because it solves a problem that wasted several hours of my life. It’s somewhat obscure, and I didn’t find much help from google searches. If you are trying to set the width of a css element in javascript, you must add “px” (or eg “em”) after the value for it to work in IE and Firefox. For example, you’d type: document.getElementById("content").style.maxWidth=contentwidth+"px;"; There is a problem however. At least in Opera8.5 (and perhaps other web browsers) - you’ll break the page if you add the “px”. Opera assumes px and you should not add it. For opera, you’d type: document.getElementById("content").style.maxWidth=contentwidth; So you’ll need to use a browser sniffer as a workaround. I use this simple code (may not work for all cases): var agt=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); var is_opera = (agt.indexOf("opera") != -1); if (!is_opera)//most browsers need "px" { document.getElementById("content").style.maxWidth=contentwidth+"px;"; } else //adding "px" breaks opera8.5 { document.getElementById("content").style.maxWidth=contentwidth; } note: For more on browser sniffers, check here


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