Dimmeria is back online after a hiatus because I was switching ISPs from dslextreme to SBC (now ATT). ATT offers this slick deal where it’s $18/month for 3Mbps down and 512Kbps up - dynamic IP and no ports blocked (so it will work for a server, like this one).

I was told by a sales lady, Beth, at the end of January that I could transfer my DSL without losing connectivity. That turned out to be a complete lie. So I had to fully cancel my dsl first (which took a full week). My DSL was cancelled, and dimmeria went dark on Feb. 7.

The next pain in the ass was that I wanted to change the name on the account from an old roommate’s to mine. Half the people at SBC think that you can’t change the name on the account while you have DSL, half don’t. If you get one half of SBC to agree with the other half, let me know. I ended up having to change the name on the account before I could get DSL installed. You’d think this would be fairly simple right - a few changes in the computer and voila, right? Wrong - it took a friggen whole week!

Finally I could theoretically set up DSL, but I couldn’t order through their website - so I had to call in - again. The order went through okay and I got the DSL modem a day or two later. The fact that I got the modem quickly means that SBC actually has one department which functions - shipping.

My activation date was set for Feb. 22 . However by the afternoon of Feb. 22 - no dice. I opened up a “Sync ticket” because the dsl modem was not connecting. I called them on Feb. 23 - no progress. I called on Feb. 24 ready to kick and scream and I got put through to Gary in provisioning. He fixed my problem in 5 minutes. My trouble ticket was open for 2 days before I called in and got someone to actually look at it - and it took the guy 5 minutes.

Hopefully this is the end of problems with SBC. After my 12 month contract is over and I can’t get broadband for $18/mo anymore - I’m going to look elsewhere for cheap internet.


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