I was pretty stoked when I found this howto for pxe booting a Ubuntu live CD. PXE booting is really handy because it makes diagnosis and installation faster. The Ubuntu Live CD (or any linux boot CD really) is really handy for troubleshooting systems or doing maintenance work. Serial redirection over the network is really nice because you can see a remote system’s console from anywhere on the internet.

At work we have lots of systems that use serial console redirection, and booting a normal Ubuntu CD to these systems won’t display the console. So then I read howto build a custom ubuntu boot disk. And the result is a custom iso that you can use for your systems that have a redirected serial console. Now you can PXE boot all your systems :-).

Download ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386-serial-custom.iso (706 MB, sha1=830c6e416d41f6a7cf64f4da691a4feb8036f032)


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